The Cold Meat Slicer For Home

Posted: 5th December 2016 by coldmeatslicer in Journal

Buy a Cold Meat Slicer for home- Here’s Why?

How about a plate full of high stacked deli sandwiches?
Or, transparent slices of ham, salami, turkey with a fresh baked bun?small commercial meat slicer


By naming, I am feeling hungry. I know you are feeling the same.

Ever imagined how the restaurants serve so delicate and precise slices of meat or tomatoes and other vegetables?

They face 100s of customers each day right! But still, they are able to serve each of them with delicious deli dishes.

All of this because of one single machine- a cold meat slicer.

Probably now you are questioning why should I own a cold meat slicer for home as you can easily have those delicious brunches from restaurants.

Ok then answer one question of mine, how many days in a week you eat deli dishes from outside?

If you are a foodie person like me then probably 5-6 days or maybe the whole week you have deli meat in lunch.

But, is your food safe? No matter how hygienic the restaurants are, you seriously need to think about the quality of your food.

Needless to say, your food lacks in nutrients in compare to homemade foods. Though there is something more you have to worry about.

It is the meat they are serving in your dish. It can take your life.

No, I am serious. It literally can take your life.


The meats those restaurants serve are generally processed.

According to World Cancer Research Fund Processed meats are smoked, cured or salted or added with chemical preservatives and having these types of meat on a long term basis can enhance the chances of cancer as processed meats are carcinogenic.

So, probably you are having the most deadly foods every week. Not only are you wasting your money bust also risking your health.

That is why you immediately need a cold meat slicer for home.

Nothing is better than fresh homemade deli sandwiches or salami or jerky.

It is true slicing meat and making the food is a time-consuming process but trust me your good health worth the time.

If you are such a huge consumer of deli dishes or your family is then you can slice all the meats in the weekend and freeze them. Then all you have to do is to cook them.

For that, you can buy a commercial cold meat slicer for home because commercial grade meat slicers are made for heavy duty.

The heavy duty motor and the stainless steel knife will slice your meat precisely and faster. Some slicers are provided with numerical scale knob, where you can set the thickness of the slicer and get the meat sliced in your desired way.

Also for long durability, the slicers are made with aluminum alloy housing which is rust resistant and comes with suction cup rubber feet.

The rubber feet protect the working surface and also keep the slicer in its place while the motor is on.

To choose a cold meat slicer for home according to your needs you can see these top 15 meat slicer reviews of 2017.

All the slicers have easy usage and cleaning process. Commercial cold meat slicers are a little heavy in size. But you are using them once a while so that will not be a problem I guess.

So start using a meat slicer today and enjoy safe homemade deli dishes every day.

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